Project Initial Conference

Project Initial Conference

Yesterday has been held Initial Conference for Authentic Gourmet Taste for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development of Cross-border Region, entitled “Pannonia Gourmet”, which will enrich Vinkovci for a Gourmet Center.

Project main objective is the developing of innovative and integrated tourism products and promotion of regional gourmet tourism by developing common brand “Eat Pannonia” for promotion of newly developed tourism products through two Gourmet Centers in Vrdnik and Vinkovci. Project has already started with administrative phase, and now is entering the phase of searching for contractors and decorators for this beautiful space – from the roof to the equipment that will be part of the center.

“This is one of the key features that will contribute to the development of tourism in Vinkovci. Citizens of Vinkovci will get new space where they will be able to enjoy in nature, but also learn about our tradition and culture. We like to call ourselves the capital of traditional culture, and this is something that will surely contribute to the fact that everyone who comes to town can see Vinkovci through the gastronomic part. Apart from the promotion of our cuisine, we will also receive a excursion site which will be upgraded with a Project called Educational trails in a forest nearby “Pikov stan”, said Mayor Ivan Bosančić on today’s conference and also added  that City has recognized that tourism can become one of the basic initiators of development and he supports every tourism related projects.

In addition to City of Vinkovci, Agency for Development and Investments of the City of Vinkovci Via ltd. will contribute significantly by connecting the food industry with the tourism sector. They will establish local production chains and introduce the branding of project area as a recognizable culinary tourist destination based on resources and regional specifics, cultural heritage and traditions, and also it is responsible for renovation and equipping the “Gourmet Center”.

“Project refers on renovation of “Pikov stan” where a Gourmet academy will be estalished. There will be conducted educations connected with gourmet tourism, with the objective of strengthening regional tourism, that is, with a objective of mapping local resources and authentic food from this area, in order to promote the cross-border tourism”, explained Marina Hodak Domaćinović, project manager.

Total project value is 1.410.837,72€, it is co-financed by European Union from ERDF and IPA II funds, in the amount of 917.044,49€ or 65%. Implementation period is 24 months until December 15th 2021., and the main objective is to establish two Gourmet centers. In addition to Vinkovci, one other Center will be established in Vrdnik, which partners from Serbia, project applier Educons University and Municipality of Irig Tourist Organization, work on.

“This conference is a very significant event for all of us partners. This is not just a first in a series events that we will successfully realize, it has marked official start of creating a joint gastro-tourist offer that our cross-border area has not had before. There is a big challenge in front of us, but also a great cooperation which will for sure open up some new opportunities”, said Vlaica Vojinović, representing Educons University.

As partners explained, gastronomic tourism is an experiential journey to the gastro region for recreation or entertainment, that includes visits to food producers, gastro festivals, agro markets, culinary shows and demonstrations, tasting quality food products and other food related tourist activities.

In the last few years gastro tourism increased significantly and has become one of the most dynamic and most creative tourist segments, therefore project objective is not just development of innovative and integrated tourist products, but also to raise overall attractiveness of the cross-border region.

The project is co-financed by ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union.

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