Pannonia Gourmet

About the project “Pannonia Gourmet”

The main goal of this project is to develop innovative and integrated tourism products and promote regional gourmet tourism as alternative and innovative form of tourism through development of common gourmet offer, growth of stakeholders capacities and overall increase of the attractiveness of cross-border region. Tourism is recognized as one of the key accelerators of the overall economic growth. Therefore, the establishment of sustainable tourism models will undoubtedly lead to boost of regional economy.

Gourmet tourism

Gourmet tourism is an experiential trip to a gastronomic region, for recreational or entertainment purposes. It includes visits to food producers, gastronomic festivals, farmers markets, cooking shows and demonstrations, tastings of quality food products or any tourism activity related to food. In recent years, it has grown considerably and has become one of the most dynamic and creative segments of tourism.


Cross-border destinations are not fully aware of the importance of gastronomy in order to diversify tourism and stimulate local, regional, and national economic development. Therefore the overall project objective is to create a common brand – Eat Panonnia (EP), for the promotion of new developed tourism products. The cuisine of the cross-border destinations will be an aspect of utmost importance in the quality of holiday experience. The project will gather authentic food recipes, preserve them and disseminate them through two gourmet centers.

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  • Fund: European Regional Development Fund and IPA II.
  • Operational program: Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia – Serbia 2014 – 2020
  • Program axis: PA3 / Contributing to the development of tourism and preserving cultural and natural heritage
  • Tender type: Open call
  • Governing body: Ministry of regional development and EU funds
  • Partners: City of Vinkovci, Via Ltd., Municipality of Irig Tourist Board
  • Area: Cross – border cooperation
  • Call code for the submission of project proposals:HR-RS-299
  • Call name for the submission of project proposals: 2nd Call for Proposals
  • Project name: “Authentic Gourmet Taste for Sustainable Socio-economic Development of Cross-border region” – Pannonia Gourmet
  • Applicant: Educons University Novi Sad
  • Users: Educons University and City of Vinkovci
  • Project total value: 1.489.479,43 €
  • Co-financing IPA II. fund – 968.161,63 € (65%)
  • Contact person: Marina Hodak Domaćinović, Vladica Vojinović, Katarina Vučić
  • Project duration: 24 months, from December 15th 2019. – December 15th 2021.
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The project is co-financed by ERDF and IPA II funds of the European Union.

The contents of this web page are the sole responsibility of City of Vinkovci and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.